Wednesday, January 27, 2010

How to install ASP.NET Membership Services.

ASP.NET Membership Services is the database structure for storing and managing user information and includes methods used by the ASP.NET login controls to authenticate users.

How to install ASP.NET Membership Services.


1. Have installed Microsoft Visual Studio

2. Have installed Microsoft SQL Server

3. a database where ASP.NET Membership Services will be stored (optional)

Step 1: installing ASP.NET Services database in SQL Server.

a) run aspnet_regsql.exe utility, you can find this utility in the next path: C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727.

b) Clicking the button "Next" will take you to next step. Make sure to select the first option "Configure SQL Server for application services" and click "Next"

c) The next screen is where you enter your SQL Server data. If you want to install Membership services in an installed database select the database from the dropdown list "Database". If the database does not exist, type the name of the database and the utility will create a new database in SQL Server.

Make sure to enter the correct server name. If you are not sure what is the server name and you get an error, then open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio to see what is the correct server name.

d) Click Next and the next screen is a verification where Membership services will be installed.

e) In the last screen click Finish and you are done.

You will see the ASP.NET Membership Services tables installed in the selected database.

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